Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In my presentation I'm going to demonstrate how to bowl and what the walk up is and how to put a spin or curve on your ball when you go to throw it. I'm also going to show a power point that has information about bowling and hand out the handout. I will show you different equipment and how it is used and what you it does. Ill explain how to add your score up manually and what a strike and spare equal up to be. Ill show the different kind of oil patterns and the names of them and what the difference between a spare ball and a pro ball is. I will also tell you who my favorite bowler is and why he is. Ill explain the different weight sizes of the balls and what weight size you should use. Ill will tell you what cosmic bowling is and where you can go do that at. So here's everything I'm going to do for my presentation.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Where is your favorite place to bowl? And what is you average score when you do?

Monday, September 15, 2008

20 Questins

1. What is a turkey? A turkey is 3 strikes made in a row and when you get 3 strikes you get 60 plus pins added.

2. How long have you been bowling? I've been bowling since like elementary school but not as much then just once in awhile but now i bowl more but still not that much.

3. Am I on a team? No I haven't been on any teams. I'm not planning on joining any I'm not that in to bowling I just like to play.

4. What is a pin made of? They are made of hard rock maple wood

5. What is a perfect game? A perfect game is 300 points and to get that you need to get strikes in all 10 frames and 3 strikes in the tenth frame.

6. What are bowling shoes made of? There made out of the same material as most shoes but the sliders on the bottom to make you slide are made out of felt.

7. Why do i bowl? I bowl for the fun of it and to have a good time with my friends and family.

8. What is a strike? When you knock all the pins down with one throw. When you get a strike you and your next 2 throws to that strike.

9. What is cosmic bowling? Bowing done at Empire bowl with black lights, disco balls, and glow in the dark stuff and they have colored pins. If one of the colored pins is the head pin and you get a strike that frame you win a prize.

10. Is there a major? No, there isn't any majors in bowling but Wichita State, Kansas is the number one school for bowling.

11. What is a split? A split is when there is a big gap between the pins like a 7-10 split because the 7 pin is on one side ant the 10 pin is on the other side.

12. What is a spare? When you get all the pins down in 2 throws. Then you add the next throw on the next frame to that spare.

13. Is there cold turkey? No

14. Different bowling ball weights? The bowling ball weights goes along with the age and only goes up to 16lbs. So at first you go up by your age, like if your 15 your ball weight is 15 but when you get to 16 and older you use what ever you like best.

15. Have you won any games? Yes, Ive won some games against friends and family but not any in tournament.

17. Do you own you own ball? No i don't i just use house balls.

18. Bumper or none? Depends i usually bowl without bumpers but sometimes if i feel like messing around i use bumpers.

19. Ever bowl a perfect game? No I'm not that good

20.Any major stars? Yes, my favorite is Mr. 900 aka Jeremy Sonnenfeld. He works and own Sport bowl in Sioux Falls. Why he is a star? On February 2, 1997, at Sun Valley Lanes a sophomore on the University of Nebraska men's bowling team did what is often considered the ultimate in bowling accomplishments. Jeremy Sonnenfeld managed to get 36 strikes on three separate sets of lanes to achieve the first ever ABC approved 900 series. The first approved 900 series in the 101 years the American Bowling Congress.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to Snooksbowling

Dont got much on it right now but will in a few days, so as of now enjoy reading all the nothing